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Raleigh, North Carolina, roofing company Thurston Roof is a licensed, insured contractor with over 30 years of experience in roof inspection, repair, and replacement. You can maximize the lifespan of your home’s roof with our high-quality roofing materials and craftsmanship and scheduled maintenance. When you choose Thurston Roof, you will get a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship and roof shingles.

Raleigh Roof Inspection

Man inspecting a roof

A roof inspection is a visual checkup of your home’s roof. During the inspection, Thurston Roof will look for signs of damage and wear on the roof of your Raleigh home. A roof inspection has these benefits:

  1. Detects potential problems. High winds, heavy rains, or hail can damage roof components. As we inspect the roof, we will look for the smallest signs of leaks, cracks or damage that can worsen and become more costly to repair.
  2. Ensures safety. Loose roof fixtures or weak structural components can be hazardous. Identifying safety hazards during your Raleigh roof inspection reduces accidents and injury risks.
  3. Maximizes roof lifespan. Identifying small issues that roof repair can resolve maximizes the lifespan of your home’s roof and minimizes the risk of roof replacement.
  4. Saves money. Costly and time-consuming roof replacement can sometimes be avoided with regular inspections. Roof repairs for your home cost less than a new roof.
  5. Helps you plan and budget roofing services. Scheduled roof inspections remove anxieties about when your home needs a new roof. Thurston Roof can help you anticipate when you need roof repair or replacement.

The Preventive Home Maintenance Checkup published by North Carolina State University encourages roof inspection to protect your home and minimize repair costs. Read our roof inspection page for details about our service.

Raleigh Roof Repair

Torn and folded back roof shingles needing repair

Roof repair is essential to ensure your roof stays in good condition. Delayed repairs can quickly become significant, costly problems that can create the need for roof replacement sooner than you expected. A leaking roof does not automatically mean that your Raleigh home needs a new one Whenever it is possible and safe for your home, Thurston Roof will recommend roof repairs over replacing the entire roof.

Sometimes, components of the roofing system fail and require repairs, including:

Damaged flashing: Although roof shingles may be in good condition, flashing—the metal, waterproof sheets that divert water away from your roof may be damaged.

Clogged or damaged gutters: Replacing damaged or clogged gutters can fail to divert water from your home’s roof.

Damaged shingles: Cracks or holes in shingles may seem minor, but promptly replacing them can prevent the damage from spreading.

Debris accumulation: Pine straw, leaves, or other debris may collect on roof slopes. Water or moisture can linger in the areas, breaking down shingles and the materials beneath them.

Raleigh, NC Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in progress

When a roof is beyond repair, we will recommend roof replacement. A new roof is much more than getting new shingles for your roof. We ensure that your Raleigh. NC, home’s existing roof has the structure, materials, and ventilation required to last. When you choose Thurston Roof for the job, you can expect the following:

Roof decking – Repair or replace any damaged decking (the boards over roof trusses and rafters)

Synthetic underlayment – Cover the roof deck with an extra layer of protection

Water and ice shield – Protect roof slopes and valleys from water and ice

GAF© shingles – Offer high-quality and a lifetime limited warranty as long as you own the property

Aluminum drip edge – Ensure water runs off the roof and underlying materials

Installing a new roof usually takes two to three days, depending on the size of your home. We will give you an estimate of our work time before the roof replacement date.

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