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You can get a roof inspection, repair, or replacement from a licensed contractor

with lifetime warranties on shingles and our craftsmanship.

Thurston Roof is a licensed, insured residential roofer serving Clayton, North Carolina. We offer professional roof inspection, repair, and replacement services. You can confidently entrust your home’s roof to us because we provide a lifetime warranty on roof shingles and a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship. Our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure your roof is safe and secure, protecting your home’s exterior and interior. You will love the curb appeal from high-quality GAF© roof shingles in shades of blue, brown, gray, or green.

Clayton, NC Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is essential in identifying potential issues before they become significant problems. A roof inspection at your Clayton home can detect the following:

Areas of deterioration

Inadequate ventilation

Roofing materials that are at the end of their life cycle

An inspection identifies structural damage that you cannot see from the ground, including the following:

Broken rafters

Damaged trusses

Damaged roof vents or pipe boots

North Carolina State University’s Preventive Home Maintenance Check-Up web page recommends scheduling time to check roof shingles and fixtures to protect your home. Thurston Roof can complete the inspection for you. Expect to save time and money with a regular roof inspection, preventing expensive repairs or an entire replacement. Get details about the process on our roof inspection page.

Clayton Roof Replacement

When a home needs a roof replacement, it is usually due to issues such as these:

Age of the roof

Severe weather damage

Structural issues

A roof over 20 years old may have exhausted its lifespan, so after an inspection, we will explain whether your Clayton, North Carolina, home needs a new roof or repair. Severe weather damage can also lead to getting a new roof if the damage is too extensive to repair. Structural issues, such as broken rafters or trusses, can also require roof replacement. Please read our roof replacement page for details.

Clayton Roof Repair

When a roof repair needs repair, it is usually due to minor damage caused by weather incidents like these:


Strong winds


Thurston Roof can repair minor damage at your Clayton, North Carolina home quickly and easily. Repairs may include the following:

Replacing missing or broken shingles

Repairing holes

Sealing leaks

Repairing minor damage when we detect it can extend the life of your roof and delay roof replacement. Read about signs that you may need roof repair.

Get Lasting Results on Roof Repair or Replacement

At Thurston Roof, we use only high-quality materials designed to last and keep your roof safe, including:

GAF© shingles – Offer high-quality and a lifetime limited warranty as long as you own the property

Synthetic underlayment – Adds an extra layer of protection for roof deck

Water and ice shield – Protects vulnerable areas of the roof, such as slopes and valleys

Aluminum drip edge – Diverts water away from the roof and underlying materials

Call Thurston Roof for Reliable Roofing Services

When you choose Thurston Roof, you will get honest, personalized customer service and our commitment to providing high-quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. We understand that a new roof is an investment, so we work diligently on your home as if it were ours. Contact us today for an estimate or schedule a roof inspection, repair, or replacement in Clayton, North Carolina.

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