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Roofer in Smithfield, NC

Whether you need a new roof or a roof inspection in Smithfield, North Carolina, you deserve to work with a company that guarantees its craftsmanship and materials. Thurston Roof is a licensed roofing company proudly offers a lifetime warranty on GAF© roof shingles in shades of blue, brown, gray, or green. You will also get a lifetime warranty on our work; confidently invest in the safety and longevity of your home’s roof.

Roof Replacement in Smithfield

New roof on a white ranch home

A new roof on your Smithfield home from a licensed roofing contractor is an investment to help you maintain the safety and value of your home. A roof should last 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality and type of materials and installation. A licensed roofing contractor has a quality commitment that can give you confidence about the durability and longevity of your home’s roof.

Reasons you may need a new roof sooner than expected

Storm damage. High winds, hail, or heavy rain can damage a roof so severely that a new roof is the only option.

Aging. As a roof ages, it becomes more susceptible to leaks and other damage that decrease its ability to protect your home.

Poor installation. A poorly installed roof may wear out sooner than one installed with care.

Outdated materials. Older materials offer less protection and energy efficiency than new materials and may only last for a short time.

Aesthetic reasons. If you want to upgrade your home’s exterior for curb appeal or to sell the house, a new roof can increase its appearance and value.

Quality Roof Replacement Materials

When you choose Thurston Roof for roof replacement, we begin by ensuring the roof decking is a sound foundation for the materials we layer over it. We only use high-quality materials that last, including:

  • Roof decking – Repair damage to the wooden boards (decking) that form a roof’s frame.
  • Synthetic underlayment – Add an extra layer of protection over the roof decking.
  • GAF© shingles – High-quality shingles come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Aluminum drip edge – Metal sheets divert water away from your new roof and fascia.
  • Water and ice shield – Waterproof material keeps moisture away from roof slopes and valleys.

How Long Does a New Roof Last?

A new house roof can last 15 to 30 years if it is an asphalt shingle roof. Metal or tile roofs last longer. However, the longevity of your home’s roof depends on several factors, including materials and installation quality. Choosing a licensed roofing contractor can help you get a durable roof—from the roof decking to the underlayment to the shingles.

Also, yearly roof inspections detect rain, hail, or wind damage to roof shingles. Repairing the damage helps preserve your roof and prevent premature replacement of the entire roof’s surface.

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Roof Inspection in Smithfield

A hole in roof decking that requires replacement

Regular roof inspections at your Smithfield home are essential to help it last as long as possible. Early detection of potential issues can help fix them before they become costly problems.

What can a thorough roof inspection detect?

Damaged or missing shingles. Detect leaks or water damage from faulty shingles

Faulty flashing. Identify areas of damaged or improperly installed flashing

Gutter problems. Ensure gutters are not blocked or damaged, causing water back up on the roof

Roof Repair in Smithfield

Delaying roof repair at your Smithfield home can lead to more significant problems and higher costs in the future.

Benefits of prompt roof repairs

Cost savings. Prevent more extensive damage and save money in the long term.

Energy efficiency. Keep your home insulated—cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and save on energy bills.

Home value. A sturdy, reliable roof protects your home inside and out and helps maintain a home’s worth.

Call for a Roofing Quote or Inspection

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends getting three or four proposals from reputable contractors. As you decide on a roofing company, balance cost with the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Include licensed roofing contractor Thurston Roof in your list of licensed roofing companies when requesting a free quote for a new roof or roof repair. Our lifetime warranties and commitment to quality can help you have peace of mind with the new roof on your Smithfield, NC, home. 

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