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Roof Repair in Raleigh, NC

Roof repair is restoring or reconstructing damage or deficiency on a roof. Storm damage, wear and tear, or moisture can damage shingles or other roof parts and require repairs. Thurston Roof is a licensed full-service roofing company with over 35 years of experience. We accurately diagnose roof problems and provide efficient solutions for quality, long-lasting repairs. You can trust us for roof repair in Raleigh, Durham, Clayton, and surrounding areas.

Raleigh Roof Repair Services

Thurston Roof’s Raleigh roof repair services include:

Bitumen replacement and repair

Leaky roof prevention and repair

Roof membrane replacement and repair

Shingle replacement and repair

Storm damage repairs

Warranty repairs

What Are the Signs That Your Raleigh Home’s Roof Needs Repair?

Every roof gets exposed to varying climates, weather, and everyday wear that cause damage and require repair. What are the signs that the roof on your Raleigh home needs repair?

Curled, Buckled, or Missing Roof Shingles

Weathered roof shingles or shingles near the end of their lifespan may curl or crack and require roof repair.

Poor attic insulation

Multiple layers of roofing

Improper roof installation

Dark or Wet Roof Shingles

Consistently wet roof shingles may result from one or more of these factors:

High-speed winds

Hurricane damage

Storm damage

Trapped moisture beneath shingles

Water backed up on the roof instead of flowing through the gutters

Deteriorating Roof Objects and Openings

Flashing is a metal material that diverts water around chimneys and roof valleys. Flashing cracks can weaken objects on the roof of your Raleigh home, including:




Attic Leaks

Attic leaks after a storm may be a sign of the need for roof repair due to factors like these:

Cracked flashing

Damaged or missing shingles

Damaged sheathing

Ice dams from cold weather along roof edges

Stains on Interior Walls or Ceilings

Storm damage, high winds, or worn shingles can cause roof damage, and you may see the signs inside your Raleigh home that signal the need for roof repair, including:

Ceiling or wall water stains

Ceiling leaks

Ceiling or wall mold or mildew stains Peeling paint on the exterior

Peeling Exterior Paint

When exterior paint peels prematurely, it can be a sign that a roof needs repair. Causes of roof-related paint peeling include:

Poor attic ventilation

Increased moisture or humidity near the roofline

Weather damage to the roof

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