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Uncertainty about whether your Selma, North Carolina, home needs a roof repair or a new roof and concerns about the cost can make you hesitate to call for an estimate. Thurston Roof has over 20 years of experience in roof repair and replacement. We can inspect your roof and determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. We will also explain your options and respect your budget. Regardless of your choice, you can be confident in the quality of Thurston Roof’s work. You will a get a lifetime warranty on GAF© roof shingles in shades of blue, brown, gray, or green, and on our craftsmanship.

Selma, NC Roof Inspection

Man inspecting a root

A residential roof inspection is a closeup assessment of your roof’s condition. We will take a walking tour of the roof to examine shingles and roof fixtures. Also, we will check for proper function as we inspect your roof’s edges, gutters, and downspouts.

Roof inspections can detect problems before they cause major damage. For example, we can detect signs of a small leak you haven’t noticed yet. 

How can you benefit from a roof inspection?

You can benefit from a roof inspection in the following ways:

Reduced repair costs. Early detection of potential problems can prevent major repairs or roof replacement.

Prolonged roof lifespan. Identifying and repairing minor damage keeps the roof in good condition.

Improved curb appeal. A roof’s condition affects the overall appearance of your home.

What can yearly roof inspections detect?

Yearly roof inspections can detect a variety of problems, including:

Clogged gutters and downspouts

Damaged roof fixtures, such as flashing, vent pipes, or skylights

Hail damage


Missing or damaged shingles

Mold growth

Structural damage

Wind damage

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Roof Repair in Selma, NC

A section of a roof that needs repair due to missing and broken shingles

Roof repair protects your Selma, NC home. Repairing a leaky or damaged roof helps prevent mold growth outside and inside your home and structural damage.

When do you need roof repair?

You need roof repair to correct a variety of concerns, including:

Cracked flashing

Hail damage


Missing or damaged shingles


Wind damage

Roof Replacement in Selma, NC

A house roof with synthetic underlayment and new shingles for roof replacement

Getting bids on a new roof is the first step in protecting your home. Roof replacement is an investment, and you deserve quality work that lasts. If your roof is old or damaged, it may be time to replace it. We encourage you to get multiple bids, comparing quality, cost, service, and warranties.

When do you need roof replacement?

Your home may need roof replacement if the following is true about the roof:

More than 20 years old. A high-quality roof can last 20 years or longer. After that, an inspection can help you determine whether it’s time to replace it.

Significant damage. Multiple missing or damaged shingles, cracked flashing, or leaks may mean it is time to replace your roof. Also, you may see signs inside your home that the roof is leaking, such as stained ceilings or mold in closets.

Get reliable results

You can be confident when you choose Thurston Roof for a new roof to protect your Selma, NC, home.  We will finish your roof with GAF© shingles, enabling you to choose a blue, brown, gray, or green shade. Synthetic underlayment, water and ice shield, and aluminum drip edge give your roof and home extra protection. Lifetime warranties on the shingles and our craftsmanship ensure you get long-lasting results.

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