Is your roofing contractor licensed? Does it matter? Whether you are getting a roof inspection, repair, or replacement, the contractor you choose will affect the quality of the results. Even the best roofing materials can leave your expectations unfulfilled without a professional, licensed roofing contractor. What is a licensed roofing contractor, and how can you verify licensure?

What Is a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

A licensed roofing contractor is a construction professional who obtains a state’s general contractor’s license by demonstrating knowledge and experience in complying with federal, state, and local building codes and regulations. Knowledge and application of building codes and regulations ensure a safe working environment and quality construction.

A roofing contractor must complete and submit a general contractor’s license application and fee to the state licensing board. Upon application approval, a roofing contractor must pass an exam that tests knowledge of construction, ethics, regulation, safety, and other protocols.

Does Your State Require Roofing Contractors to Get a License?

Licensed contractors equipment on a residential roof

Each state has licensing requirements for roofing contractors and other general contractors. Some states issue roofing contractor licenses at the state level, while others allow counties or cities to issue licenses. Additionally, some states require licenses based on the project cost. For example, California requires general contractor licensing for projects costing $500 or more, while North Carolina requires general contractor licensing if the project is $40,000 or more.

Most states have continuing education requirements for license renewal. Search online for your state’s license board for contractors to find the requirements for roofing contractors before requesting an estimate or inspection from a roofing company.

Why Choose a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

Roof decking repair completed by a licensed roofing contractor

Choosing a licensed roofing contractor decreases the risks of negligence and increases the chances of getting high-quality service, craftsmanship, and satisfaction. A licensed roofing contractor has completed an exam proving they have the knowledge and experience to meet high roof inspection, repair, or replacement standards.

How Can You Benefit from Hiring a Licensed Roofer?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists over 25 occupation classifications for which an employee can achieve certification or licensure, including healthcare workers, social services occupations, and legal occupations. Think of the value of knowing your doctor, therapist, or attorney is a licensed professional with demonstrated knowledge, skill, and experience.

Likewise, a licensed roofing contractor can give you peace of mind about the quality of their work, your roof’s safety and how it will protect your home and family.

How Can You Check a Roofing Contractor’s License?

You can check a roofing contractor’s licensing by visiting the website of your state’s contractors licensing board. For example, search “[state name] licensing board general contractors” to find the website. Look for a consumer section on the website to search for a contractor or licensee.

You can also search “find a [state name] licensed roofing contractor” to access the state’s licensing board website. Although many roofers’ websites indicate they are licensed, double-check by visiting the state’s official website for contractor licensing.


The state you live in may not require licensure for a roofing contractor for your home. However, choosing a licensed roofing contractor can simplify your search for a roof inspection, replacement, or repair. A roofer who has paid an application fee and taken state-issued exams has demonstrated their skill and experience. You can feel more confident that a licensed roofer understands how to take care of your roof and home.

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